News and Headlines

May 2014

*       MagicIT develops a new .net Web GUI (Graphical User interface) for ParagraphPro (Legal cases for authorities, law firms and other organizations). The new Application GUI uses existing SQL-Server Database.

November 2013

*       MagicIT releases SmsChatter, a tool to broadcast and Chat SMS messages with mobile users.

April 2012

*       MagicIT releases SMS Reminder, a tool to send Reminders directly from Microsoft Excel� via SMS or Email. Today it becomes more and more popular to provide the Service to remind Customers of their booked appointments with SMS /Email.  Now Spreadsheets can be monitored to send reminders via your mobile phone or Internet Email. Apart from the English version language there is also a Swedish version here.

Mars 2010

*       MagicIT extends Myran(Central invoicing and analysis for Dental Health Care using T4 Medical Records) in Stockholm to use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 replicating data into a Central database from more than 100 local Clinics.

Jan 2008

*       MagicIT extends Myran(Central invoicing and analysis for Dental Health Care using T4 Medical Records in Stockholm) to send Dental bills as XML-files to the Dental Health Care Unit.

Sep 2007

*       A new version of our Code Generator Patternmaker 2.0 will soon be released for download on our Web Site. With the new version of Patternmaker 2.0 you can generate Administration GUI and/or Entity services for your database. It will now produce .NET Applications using Microsoft Web Client Software Factory. Generated Entity Services can easily be adopted with Microsoft Web Service Software Factory.

*       During release time we will also change our Web Site content and style to be totally data driven using Patternmaker generated code.

Jan 2007

*       MagicIT develops .Net 2.0 Web application for Jamo to show legal cases in their Pressroom on the Web. The application is built following Verva, one of the Government's central advisory agencies, Guidelines for the 24-hoursweb (24-timmarswebben/myndigheten).The Application uses existing ParagraphPro (Legal cases for authorities, law firms and other organizations) SQL-Server Database. Click here to see the application in use.

June 2006

*       LB Consulting Group lands a new prestigious contract with Sony Ericsson in Scandinavia, UK & China to lead all major process improvements within the programme/project management disciplines for all Symbian Smartphone product related projects. This in order to accelerate and enable faster, customised quality deliveries as a result of increased operator scope expectations and aggressive growth plans to establish Sony Ericsson as world #3 in a razor sharp competitive mobile Smartphone market. This initiative is among the top 5 largest Scandinavian software initiatives in the software industry during 2006/2007 compromising leading edge technology from both Sony & Ericsson based platforms. 

Feb 2006

*       Rebuilt version of Patternmaker which uses next version of .NET framework 2.0 with Themes, Security providers, Object Datasources etc. The free version of Patternmaker will generate code for Data, Business and Web Services.  In Visual Studio.NET 2005 you will get a lot of screen building done automaticly from Patternmaker generated Business objects.

Northwind (.NET Web based PatternMaker sample application)

Oct 2005

*        LB Consulting Group lands a prestigious process improvement assignment with Lehman Brothers, London UK to implement Rational Unified Process, Business & System Modelling with UML tools from Borland Together and CaliberRM.

Mar 2005

*       Here are some examle of applications built with PatternMaker:

- Filmdekor (.NET Web based  movie/theater production at Uddevalla kommun from Alero using ASP.NET & C#)

- Lugnet (.NET Web based Soccer Team site)

- WapLugnet (.NET Wap based Soccer Team site)

- ISI (.NET Web based Procure system using Jeeves economy system)

- ParagraphPro (Legal cases for authorities, law firms and other organizations)

- Myran (Central invoicing and analysis for Dental Health Care using T4 Medical Records)

- MEA (Economy system for Healt Care)

- POJ (Medical records management for Psycological institutions)

Jan 2005

*       HTF (Salaried Employees' Union) installs MagicIT's system ParagraphPro (Legal cases for authorities, law firms and other organizations). 

Nov 2004

*       MagicIT extends Myran(Central invoicing and analysis for Dental Health Care using T4 Medical Records) in Stockholm as a Pilot site to send Dental bills as XML-files to RFV(National Social Insurance Board)

Sep 2004

*       New version of PatternMaker in Beta for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Widbey platform.

Apr 2004

*       Our consultants Lars Fredholm and Tommy Paanola are now MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) in dotNET Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.

Feb 2004

*       RUP Specialist Lars Broden assigned project with RUP Training & Mentoring at Inland Revenue, England.

Jan 2004

*       MagicIT is helping Exoft to build ISI - a dotNET web based Procure system.

Oct 2003

*       MagicIT is helping Alero to deliver a web based system to Uddevalla kommun. The system is a Web based movie/theater production database made with Microsoft .NET and PatternMaker application generator. 

April 2003

*       MagicIT is helping Kundkraft produce Crystal Reports templates. 

Februari 2003

*       Seminar presentation by Lars Brod�n with 60 RAIN members about "Manage RUP Projects (software economics perspective)"

Januari 2003

*       PatternMaker templates for Microsoft .NET platform now available

November 2002

*       ParagraphPro web module with Legal Case history available

October 2002

*       POJ (Patient and Journal) system developed & deployed at Trauma center

May 2002

*       VM2002 - .NET application for testing purpose

April 2002

*       Lars Brod�n joins as Specialist in Change Management with RUP as primarily focus. Lars previous lead Rational's Strategic Deployment Services across Europe. 

March 2002

*       MagicIT developes SQL-server based Patient- & Journalsystem for Health Care

Februari 2002

*       More than 100 participants at RAIN Annual Conference 

December 2001

*       Visit MagicIT's New office - Realtime Movie

November 2001

*       �mt� - MagicIT:s favourite Course and Retreatment site for sale

October 2001

*       MagicIT shows PatternMaker at  the SRUC exhibition

*       MagicIT moves to new offices at Folkungagatan 49 Stockholm

*       RAIN presentation ROSE - Now and Tomorrow 

April 2001

*       MagicIT receives the Development responsability for Myran, an Economy application, used at the Swedish Dentist care.

March 2001

*       Lars Fredholm elected as Chairman 2001 for RAIN, Rational User Group Nordic. 

February 2001

*       Download Design Mechanisms in Rose(ppt) Presentation from RAIN's Annual 2001 Conference by Rational Certified Rose/OOAD Instructor Lars Fredholm.

January 2001

*       Mikael Persson new President for MagicIT with Lars Fredholm as Vice President.

 December 2000

*       Adriana Prieto Certified as Rational Reqirement Consultant in RUP

October 2000

*       Report(PatternMaker) from Linkoping University, Department of Computer and Information Science authored by Oskar Persson/Joakim Bjorklund

August 2000

*       PatternMaker update 2000-08-11 in the Download area

May 2000

*       Visit our Demo project EM-tips 2000 on the Web for fun

April 2000

*       PatternMaker Rose Link can be evaluated from the Web

March 2000

*       Lars Fredholm elected as Chairman of Rational Usergroup Nordic

February 2000

*       PatternMaker Rose Link generating System for Swedish Dentist Care. 

*       New employee Peter Laan, Component Developer aboard

January 2000

*       PatternMaker involved generating Web Application with Java/ASP/HTML. 

December 1999

*       customer support web placed on-line

*       New employee Tommy Paanola, System Architect  aboard