Software & Process Management Leadership Guidance

We believe that projects are the anchor point in realizing a software vision. By focusing on projects as the vehicle for change the most abstract things will surface. We also do believe that chosen projects has to be visible for many stakeholders, both internally and externally Therefore we always encourage and help our customers to prioritize Business critical projects with high visibility within the organization to get the right management attention as they evolve in order to be successful and deal with new technology insertion in parallel. Process plays a key role to fine tune across project performance repeatedly.

We base our estimations  and implementations  on respected and accepted leading industry best practices for project performance. COCOMO II model for project estimation cut through the essence of all our developed collaterals tools, packages and services.

Below a simplified project estimation equation:


Performance = Complexity     *      People * Tools

Process takes a vital part as a individual parameter in tackling Project performance.


Workshops and seminars:

In order to facilitate a style change in the way you view software economics, have we developed the following
set of tools and services to guide you and your organization towards success:

  • How do you deal with risk parameters in your projects?, Do you have a systematic approach how to mitigate risk as your software project is evolving?, Check out our Workshop around Project Risk Management and Iterative Methods with RUP to enable a platform for leaders to communicate, engage, lead, validate and fine tune software projects and ultimately software deliveries within the context of software development processes like RUP.
  • Does your organization straddle with seeing the benefits of a software investment? The Manage Software Economics Workshop helps all parts to conform your objectives and align a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Our Workshop on How to lead Software Initiatives and projects gives all Management areas consensus around a conformed strategy.
  • Can you communicate your vision clearly understandable to the people you delegate it to? And who is ultimately going to execute on it. Check out our Manage a vision in a Software Context  seminars to align, articulate, document and communicate it across stakeholders involved in the execution of the vision in your organization.
  •  Do you struggle to get  the right peoples attention for a great idea?, We help you in establish, articulate and communicate a Business Case in your organization with a predefined methodology including templates.
  • Which parts of a standard process shall I use for a software project? We help you configure standard processes like RUP - Rational Unified Process for a tailored project instance or for a whole organization to conform to standards like CMM Level 3 or CMMI.
  • Do you manage projects according to industry best practices?, Is your project slacking behind because you are applying to much new technology at once?. We do independent health checks on projects benchmarking them towards industry best practices with our Industry Best Practices - Project Benchmark Assessment package. As a result you will get a strategy how to gear your project's) in both a short and long perspectives, even across projects in your organization.
  • How does one build strong organizations over time?, The answer sounds simple but nevertheless true: Communication & Engagement. We have tailored a seminar for software providers which needs to build strong team foundations in order to accelerate sales over time. Check out our Business Development for Software Providers workshop and you and your team will build this fundamentals as part of the Workshop.