Very important Tasks in software projects are the location and description of generic Mechanisms. These are often described by Patterns when solving certain problems.

The System Architect handles Risks by making technical prototypes. Patterns are commonly employed to handle User Interface, Communication and Database issues. Within a project developers use a naming standard or vocabulary for these Patterns.




Going one step further a machine can produce this template Code. Development resources can focus on building the remaining 20% of the System with most of the planned time still available.

This is a very scalable way to handle development Risks in projects because 80% of the Code can be generated by template programming.

PatternMaker Rose Link is the machine that automates the software development.


Updated 2000-08-28




PatternMaker can be used to generate executable Code within Rational Rose.

Just as ASP (Active Server Pages) uses the Internet Server to generate HTML-files, so PatternMaker uses the Rose Model to create Template code for Programmers.

A Template consists of Source code which, combined with Rose Scripts, automates the path from a Rose Model to executable code.



Customized PATTERNS









        We don’t make Wonders, but we wonde            how to make them


MagicIT AB

Fiskargatan 8

116 20, Stockholm, Sweden

Phone +46 (0)8 462 3070

Fax +46 (0)8 462 3090



A PatternMaker-enabled Rose model consists of a Static view of the Information objects and their relationships.


Patterns are described by Logical scenarios and Physical components configured as Template files.


Source Code Language

PatternMaker Templates support any language based on textual Source Code. The Product contains samples with Web and Windows interface. The Web interface uses HTML, Java-script and ASP-servlets. The Windows interface consists of Visual Basic and Transaction Server Components. 




Wizards transfer PatternMaker properties into UML diagrams.

PatternMaker imports existing Data Models from Erwin or ODBC. Every imported Database table is stored as an Information object.

PatternMaker stores all definitions in the Rose model together with the Information object.



Template files contain Source code with segments of Rose script. Dynamic Variation points in code are handled by Script interpretation of the Rose model. Templates can be pre-compiled and debugged in the Rose Script debugger.


Using PatternMaker Rose Link we have experienced total Automation of some 80% of the Source code. 

Developers are released from repetitive tasks, allowing focus on the Essential Use Cases.